Day 70 ~ What Once Was Lost

This morning I fell back to sleep after turning my alarm off. This is something I almost never do and I’m blaming Daylight Savings Time – I can still play that card, right? I got up at 7 A.M., 1/2 hour late, and this turned into excuse #1 not to do my morning exercise. Then, as I got up, I felt a pain in my right hip. This is something that has bothered me off and on my whole adult life. I can go months with no pain whatsoever, but I can also have pain so extreme it becomes debilitating. Because of this, I’m very careful if I feel even the slightest twinge. This became excuse #2 to skip the morning routine.

However, as I thought about it, I had to admit that I can come up with about a dozen excuses a day to avoid doing what needs to be done. Life is all about choice. I can pretend I have no choice (by making excuses) or I can choose to do the hard thing. So this morning, I chose.

I did my morning exercise. Then I attacked my action item list, because I’ve been getting precious little done lately from my list, writing the same things over and over (and over). Today, I decided to create a new storage place for my sweaters. I chose this under the bed box with wheels. I was so pleased – but it couldn’t go under the bed because of the bizarre collection of things that have been pushed or kicked under there over time.


This meant I had to start by cleaning out everything under the bed. I pulled out such a variety of things: books, miscellaneous papers, a pillow (?!?), empty pill bottles, and … my pom-pom maker! (Read here if you’re wondering how this is in any way relevant). I knew I’d find it a some point, and it is now living happily with my other knitting supplies.


The elusive pom-pom maker.

I felt so satisfied. I cleaned up a bunch of junk. I found something that was lost. So, with a happy heart I pushed my rolling box under the bed and … it didn’t fit. It’s too tall. I couldn’t believe it. I was so pleased. It was going to be a perfect solution. And now I have no where to put it.

Never, ever, ever – not once did it occur to me to measure. It’s at times like these I think I could use professional help. Or something. *deep sigh*


2 thoughts on “Day 70 ~ What Once Was Lost

  1. Tracy Shirley says:

    You crack me up!!! Probably because I can soooo relate! Would it fit under Nat’s bed? Or upright in the closet? Just a thought.

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