Day 47 ~ The Beautiful Aurora

I noticed something today, and it’s quite fabulous. I was able to measure my progress. My little one has a friend over spending the night tonight. In the past, when someone’s going to come over, it has been a sprint to get everything picked up and ready. Not so today. Because of the 10-minute tidy, and because I’ve been successfully keeping my sink and stovetop clean, there was nothing to do. So we spent 20 minutes running the vacuum and cleaning the bathrooms, and we were ready. Totally stress free.

Since the bathrooms were cleaned this morning, I figure it’s as good a time as any to implement the 90-second hard surface clean in both the bathrooms. This will be every day upstairs, where we all do our bedtime and morning preening; and every other day downstairs, where a lot less happens. I was going to wait until I’d finished organizing the bathrooms, but couldn’t think of a good reason. Why procrastinate, after all. For those who are wondering, the 90-second hard surface clean includes buffing out spots on the mirror with a microfiber cloth; wiping the vanity, faucet, outside of the toilet, and rim of the tub with a chlorine-free cleansing wipe; and doing a quick swish with the brush in the toilet bowl itself. I estimate this takes about 90 seconds, but haven’t actually timed it.

So now my daily routine will look like this:

  •   15-minute morning exercise, focusing on breath;
  •   10-minute tidy, including dispatching the day’s incoming mail by shredding-throwing-filing;
  •   Cleaning the sink and stovetop (whatever that requires);
  •   One load of laundry, if needed;
  •   90-second hard surface clean; and
  •   Feng-shui the dining room table.

Of course, I’m not currently feng-shui-ing the table because of the beautiful Aurora, who has taken up residence. I thought I’d share our progress with you, dear reader, since progress is what today’s all about.



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