Day 46 ~ 10 Minutes to Change My Life

What a difference one day makes! Today was so much better than yesterday (and by better I mean smoother, more efficient, more productive.)

10-minute tidy happened today, and because I had to catch up from yesterday, it took more like 20 minutes.

Kitchen got cleaned and I made homemade chicken noodle soup and made-from-scratch wheat rolls for dinner. Since it didn’t get above freezing today, this was appropriate.

I couldn’t feng-shui the table, because it looks like this. The children are happy, but this puzzle is really hard.









So, it was a good day, but this is my problem – I’m doing pretty well maintaining the to-dos I’ve added to my daily list. But I’m struggling to add anything else. I still have a paper backlog. I haven’t finished organizing the bathrooms. I want change every day, but it doesn’t work like that. I’m trying to change habits that are extremely easy to fall back on when the stress levels are high. And so, for now, I’ll work on maintaining.

This is the plan: I have three action items on my list each day. At least one of these (more preferably, two) are in furtherance of my goals. But all too frequently, the items don’t get completed. When I analyze this, I realize that my action items are frequently too big, so I’m going to try limiting these items to 10-minute projects (since the 10-minute tidy is working so well). It may take me forever to eliminate the filing-shredding-throwing pile doing it this way, but each day I will be ten minutes closer. I have to take small steps, because the alternative is taking no steps at all. When there is too much on my plate, I become paralyzed and do nothing. So tomorrow will be all about Ten Minutes.



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