Day 32 ~ The Power to Change

Today, with a little bit of melting and refreezing, the icicles just keep getting longer. Last night, my husband broke one off the garage that was over three feet long. They are beautiful, and they go the full length of our house on the north side. This picture is looking out of my younger daughter’s bedroom window.


Today, I focus on having a grateful heart. I’m thankful for the stark cold beauty of winter because it reminds me how blessed I am – I have a new furnace in a warm home. It may be slightly dilapidated and mostly disorganized, but True Peace, the warmth of my children’s love, pets, down comforters, hot cups of tea and a totally refreshing, uplifting and satisfying relationship with my husband fills the space.

My body may not be all I’d like. It is scarred and frequently causes me pain. But it served me well fighting the Dragon (bringing me through surgeries, chemo, radiation, hormone therapy and two life-threatening infections). I’ve been given a gift called Survival and every single day is an “extra” for me – a day I might not have lived except for the grace of God. I am thankful for each morning that I can open my eyes and choose to rejoice.

I am surrounded by friends and family in a supporting community. I have positive associations, Real Friendship, and people who love and uplift me, and pour into my life. Some would call me lucky, but I know I have been infinitely blessed in my relationships.

And today, after a month of taking tiny steps, I am thankful that the power to change lies within me. I can choose to be different tomorrow than I was yesterday. I am not helpless. And when I feel discouraged, and think I might not have what it takes, I remember that I am not alone. I have you, dear reader, and that accountability keeps me going in the right direction. And I have Him, who when I ask, gives me grace and strengthens my resolve.



2 thoughts on “Day 32 ~ The Power to Change

  1. wartica says:

    Good for you; I totally agree with you taking baby steps. It’s never going to be an overnight process; we just got to stay with it. Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:)

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