Day16 ~ Drink and Thirst No More (I Wish)

When I started this project, one of the things I chose to work on was health. I ate like a six-year-old whose mother wasn’t watching her. (Well, maybe not exactly like a six-year-old, but it wasn’t good). I didn’t drink enough water, and I got zero exercise. So I engaged in some self-analysis, and this is what I decided. Five years ago, I took good care of myself. I made decent food choices, and I tried to be fit. And guess what? I got breast cancer. I didn’t make a conscious choice at the time, but the conclusion I drew a few weeks ago is that I simply moved out of the driver seat of my own life. Somewhere deep in my sub-conscious I thought, “I did all the right things and I got sick. So why do all the right things? What’s the point?”

Well, the point is amazingly clear to me now. Inside my soul there exists an underlying dissatisfaction with the way things are, and the main cause  (and possibly the only cause) is that I am no longer authoring my own story. I am making choices by not actively choosing, and this has to change. I decided I needed change not just within the realm of health, but in an overall simplifying of my life. The result is this journey I’m on, and The Disorganized Perfectionist is the record.

So how am I doing? you may ask. I’m making solid food choices. Every morning (allowing myself one skip per week) I exercise, focusing on breath while I work each muscle group. I feel the difference – I feel better, I’m more limber, and my energy level is slightly improved. But the water part is KILLING me. You would think “increasing hydration” would be the easiest change I could possibly make. Not so. I’m having the worst time.


I’ve tried all sorts of things. I’ve tried counting glasses. Doesn’t work. I’ve tried filling a bottle. I forget about the bottle. So now, I’m trying repeating this affirmation several times a day.

Water refreshes and revitalizes me. Water makes my skin vibrant and my body healthy. I love water and therefore I drink enough.

Okay, if you’re wondering if this makes me feel goofy, the answer is – sort of. I sincerely hope no one hears me saying it. It is said that, “as a man thinketh, so is he.” So, if I think I’m drinking enough, then I am? I don’t think it works quite like that, but I will say that this method definitely has me thinking about water an awful lot, and the consequence today was – I drank more. Whatever works, dear reader. Whatever works.



Day 4

Today is Thursday, and Thursday is a push day for my family. My youngest daughter and I go to our homeschool commonwealth for the day, then I have work to do from home, make dinner, help my older daughter with her homework, clean up dishes, etc. And I’m always physically exhausted on Thursday evenings. Ever since I was sick (which was 2007, for goodness sake!!), I’ve had zero stamina. I’m tired of being this very depleted player in my own story. I’m ready to be the author. I’m ready to be proactive. I’m more than ready.simplifying

This is why I’ve made health a priority as I go through this transforming process. I’ve committed to being more mindful in how I spend my time, and the food and drink I put into my body. Now, I know myself. If I make my commitment too big, I’ll never keep it. I’ll become discouraged. I’ll quit. So, I’m starting small.

I’ve committed to:

increasing hydration

decreasing sugar intake

*exercising* 15 minutes per day.

I say *exercising* because it’s probably not what most people would consider as exercise. I’m doing isometric and isotonic exercise while focusing on my breath. So I breathe through a flex and I breathe through a stretch, and I work every muscle in my body. This works with my scar tissue and reconfigured anatomy (from cancer and seven surgeries) and after about 10 days of this, I’m starting to notice increased range of motion in my shoulders. I have more energy. And I’ve dropped about four pounds. But all of this terrifies me. I’m afraid I’ll quit. I realize it sounds quite irrational, but I’ve decided to do this and I’m afraid I won’t. And so I write – and hope that it will keep me accountable.