Day 93 ~ Candy for Breakfast

Monday, I chaperoned a field trip my daughter took downtown. We visited the Capitol, did a tour (including the attic – lots and lots of stairs). I must give a little shout out here because my kiddo and a classmate led the Pledge of Allegiance in the House of Representatives. Then we walked to the U.S. Mint and did that tour, then we walked to the museum where we went through the Counter-terrorism Education Learning Lab. Then we walked back to the Capitol, where the cars were parked.

Now, I like to think I’m in much better shape than I was last year. I’ve been consistently doing morning exercise and consciously eating better. But after all day walking and standing, I seriously felt like I might die. After the field trip, we raced home so I could get my little one to gymnastics, then we had to get dinner on the table and after eating, I thought my head might fall into my soup, so to speak. I got into my pj’s  and crawled into bed to read at 8:30, and the next thing I know, my husband is pulling the book out of my hands and turning off the light because I’d fallen asleep. I was barely aware of him and totally zonked out for the rest of the night at that point. Someone, please tell me this is not my future. I want more energy. I need more stamina. How, oh how, do I get it back?


So, yesterday was a recovery day. I’m amazed that I needed it, but I did. I’m still kind of dragging. In fact, this morning at the grocery store, chocolate peanut butter cups started calling to me while I was in line. And I didn’t resist. I bought them (organic dark chocolate and protein in the peanut butter, so not completely, entirely bad for me – right?). I went home, poured a cup of coffee, and had candy for breakfast. And I must admit that after that, the whole day looked brighter. So, I’m leaving a little note to my perfectionist self:

No one is perfect, dear self. Life is all about choices and each opportunity to choose brings with it the opportunity to change. But change doesn’t happen all at once, so don’t give up. Don’t quit. Keep going.

You, too – dear reader.


4 thoughts on “Day 93 ~ Candy for Breakfast

  1. thethreejs says:

    Do you realize how much walking and stair stepping you did? And all of the fresh air (relatively speaking) I’d say that you have every right to be exhausted…plus, sounds like you had an amazing night of sleep. And peanut butter cups for breakfast, with coffee!!! I’m not finding the bad in any of this 🙂

  2. Candy for breakfast! I love it . . . not everyday, of course, but I think we can handle it every once in a blue moon. 🙂

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