Day 76 ~ Migraines and Clutter Bombs

My life has gone crazy. Well, not more than anyone else’s life goes nuts, but it hasn’t been normal. First, my little one got sick with a strange infection. Then my daughter was in the state poetry recitation finals. Then I got a migraine – my first “real” one all year, and it incapacitated me for about three days. I still have the hint of it playing around the periphery, so I’m being very careful not to move my head too quickly. All this has caused me to be amazed.

I’m amazed at how many dishes are in my sink. I’m still not caught up, though the dishwasher is now full of clean dishes, so I’m almost there. I’m amazed at how three days without the 10-minute tidy results in my house looking like the Clutter Monster exploded a clutter bomb. When Mama goes down for the count, all sorts of things quit getting done. And I’m amazed at how discouraged I feel that a few days out of whack seems to take me back to the starting point.


One reason I’m writing this online journal is because I really, truly do NOT want to quit. I want to reach my goals. Writing does


Hopacrab (which I'm probably not spelling right).

several things. For one, it keeps me accountable. I know someone is reading, someone is wondering how my progress is going, and so I don’t want to let that someone down. But writing does something else. It acts as a catalyst. All those thoughts and emotions that get swept aside in the frenzy to get things done, well … they get brought out and analyzed in order to write a post. And that analysis helps me feel better, which I can’t really explain, but it’s the truth.


Tulips in my garden.

So today, I’ll get caught up in the kitchen. Then tomorrow, maybe I’ll accomplish some of those things I’ve been writing and re-writing on my action items list for days. Then, because my children are on spring break, I’ll be absent for a few days as we’re heading out to soak in some therapeutic mineral springs and enjoy springtime in the Rockies. I’ll post pictures when we’re back.

Springtime has landed here, too, with tulips and fruit trees in bloom. There’s beauty all around, and it has inspired me. After a few days off, I will come out swinging. Beware, Clutter Monster…


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