Day 45 ~ When Your Bank is an Army Surplus Store

simplicityToday has been a day of craziness. First of all, the wind’s been blowing at about 40 mph, gusting to around 80 mph. My friend posted a quote from Catherine the Great on facebook this morning: “A great wind is blowing, and that gives you either imagination or a headache.” Well, for me – I had neither. Why, you may ask? Because I spent the morning chasing down a mistake I made in our finances. I didn’t have a headache, although it was a headache, if you know what I mean. It required going to my actual, physical Credit Union, which I haven’t done in months. So when I got there (on my way home from dropping my elder daughter at school, because I had an efficient plan) it was an Army Surplus Store. I mean – really… who would do that? So I went north to a branch that wasn’t on my way home, and the one day each week that they don’t open till 9:30 is – you guessed it – today. It was only 8:25 – so I went home, but that start (combined with the emotional yucky feeling of knowing I messed something up) established the tenor of the whole day.

10-minute tidy: didn’t happen.

Dishes: didn’t happen until 3 o’clock.

Professional blogs (this is what I do for a living, and they’re usually done by noon): last one finished at 4 P.M.

Homeschool: not really great today, unless you count reading aloud from a Fisher Price catalog and counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s while in the car. (She also did a reading program on the computer, but overall, it didn’t feel great).

So, lots of things went wrong, and there was not a smooth flow to the day at all. However, I want to end by reminding myself what I did do.

I woke, and did my exercise, focusing on breath. Although I’ve plateaued, only having lost the 8 pounds then stopping, this program makes me feel great. My body is happier, and probably healthier.

I spent time with both girls, letting them know I love them.

I prepared a hot meal for my family – bison meatloaf, brown jasmine rice, and steamed vegetables, and we sat together and ate.

And now I’m heading to my Daisies club, where I mentor kindergarten girls. I will leave my agitation from the day right here – discarded on this page – and I will go and give those little ones my very best. As a matter of fact, just talking about it, I feel better already.


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