Day 36 ~ Manic Monday

Well, today was Monday, and I mean that in every sense of the word. I’m working hard at getting existing systems to run smoothly before I implement new ones. Currently, I have three systems that are working well.

Each day I do one load of laundry, and something from my backlog pile (which basically includes tablecloths, sweaters and hand-wash items). I’ve nearly eliminated the backlog, and since I’ve started my system it only takes a few minutes of work to run a load of laundry, and I haven’t run out of socks! Yay.

The second system is the 10-minute tidy, which is going remarkably well (especially considering the fact that I’ve failed trying to implement this before). My child and I can get an amazing amount picked up in just ten minutes, and she seems (so far) to look at it as a game. We’ve been doing this at the beginning of homeschool in the morning.


A decidedly non-manic day in Los Angeles Harbor.

The third system is doing meal planning on Sunday afternoon, creating a grocery list, and shopping Monday morning on the way home from taking my older daughter to school. I’ve done this twice now – it’s efficient and reduces stress when it comes time to start making dinner.

So, the journey, at least today, involved only the mundane. Some of these little changes are becoming habit. And I can see a difference. It’s not a huge difference, but it’s big enough to be noticeable. There’s a little less chaos. I’m a little less frustrated. This impacts my family because I have a little more patience and kindness for them. And I am daily learning the lesson that little steps, taken consistently in the right direction, have a cumulative effect. It’s a work in progress – but aren’t we all?



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