Day 29 ~ Dripping Gutters


We really need new gutters. Our gutter drips right above this place, and so this last storm combined with above-freezing temperatures created this massive icicle in our bush.

Sometimes, I feel like that gutter. As long as the storm is not overwhelming, I function fairly well. But bring in the “extra” and I quickly become overrun, dripping at my seams. Things don’t function quite properly and we end up with a mess.

My temptation is to focus on the split seam, the dripping water, the brokenness where there should be function. For instance, this past weekend, I totally dropped the program. I had two days of eating junk (not a lot of junk, but some), skipping my morning exercise, and neglecting to do anything at all in furtherance of my goals. This morning, I wanted to feel bad about it. I really did. As a perfectionist, I can be very self-critical. One “free day” is okay, but two – and IN A ROW – not so much. But I didn’t do it. I fought it. I got up, had my morning devotion, did my morning exercise, consulted my action items, and began the work anew. And I chose to focus, not on the dripping gutter, but on the beauty it created as it refroze in the bush.

You see, I spent the weekend eating popcorn and ice cream, and watching the original Star Wars Trilogy with my family. It was the first time for my seven-year-old. She watched a good portion of Return of the Jedi with her blanket over her head, (refusing to look at anything that could in any way be classified as yucky), and we had a really good time. So instead of focusing on everything I didn’t do, I smiled as I remembered the joy we created as a family.

That’s what it’s all really about, isn’t it? –  Finding our Joy. Without joy, nothing we do matters. I can have a perfectly functional, even beautiful home – but if joy doesn’t reside here, I don’t want to either. So I will find my joy in the mess – in spite of the mess, in fact – even as I strive to change. I will not let my dissatisfaction with the way things have been turn to discontent. I will rejoice, I will work, and I will focus – not on the dripping gutters, but on the beauty they create.


4 thoughts on “Day 29 ~ Dripping Gutters

  1. Phil Seifert says:

    LaRae: Thank you for these blog postings – it is a continuing source of joy to follow your progress thorugh this journey. Your late grandmother-in-law would have been very proud of what you actually accomplished this weekend during the “snow-in”. The family memories will last significantly longer than any temporary cleanings or focusing on all the “things that should be done” or “aren’t quite right”.

  2. Thank you. And thanks for the devotional – I got it yesterday.

  3. hilary says:

    LaRae: Phil told us about your blog and I am very glad he did. Your post about the gutter icicle touched my heart. I look forward to reading more. We attend the same church as Phil and appreciate him in many ways. His love for God and his family is evident in all he says and does. He is a man of wisdom and grace.
    In Appreciation, Hilary

  4. Thank you for reading, Hilary. We’re coming out in January — maybe we’ll be able to meet you. 🙂

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