Day 25 ~ Push Day

Thursday is what I call our “push” day. It’s the day I spend with my younger daughter at our homeschool commonwealth, and I’m always exhausted at the end of it. And when I’m tired, old habits are extremely easy to fall back on. I have dishes in the sink, and no energy to do them. So I’m leaving them until tomorrow. (Maybe. We’ll see – I might get a second wind). And of my three action items, I only accomplished one.

However, I spent the day mentoring small people, and this is absolutely worthwhile – possibly one of the most important things I do. I did do two loads of laundry (still trying to clear the backlog) – but that was this morning before I ever left the house. I am now running on empty.

But hey, tomorrow is looking to be a snow day – up to 22’’ forecast for the city. So I’m heading to a cozy spot with a cup of tea and a good book, and relishing it. I’ll see you after the storm, dear reader.


2 thoughts on “Day 25 ~ Push Day

  1. I homeschool too, and I know those days! Enjoy your snow day tomorrow!

    • Thanks! 14 inches, and it’s still falling. We’re all safe and warm, except my poor husband. (Well, he’s safe and warm, but he had to drive into work this morning). It looks like we’re on very similar quests, you and I. I looked at your blog – it inspired me. Thanks for reading!

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