Day 23 ~ From Haywire to Empowered

simplicityMy life tried to go haywire on me today. It really did. First off, my older daughter is supposed to be in her seat for her first class at 8:15, and she was jumping out of the truck and boogieing (as fast as someone who is lacking the ‘hurry-up gene’ can boogie) to her class at 8:14:30. It’s the closest we’ve ever cut it. This, of course, made me late dropping my younger one at her homeschool group, which isn’t a big deal but still made for stress.

Then I went grocery shopping. I had a conference call at 11:00 and at 10:25 I stepped into line behind the WRONG person. She had about 20 coupons (which is fine) but one of them, for 20% off some item, was being rejected by the cash register. So the clerk was scrolling through her receipt, looking for the item to enter it by hand. She spent over $300 so you can imagine how long this was taking. It turns out my meeting was cancelled because one of the other people was sick, but I didn’t know this because…

My cell-phone is dead. The screen is black. It rings, but I can’t answer it. I can’t call out. I’ve ordered another one, but I don’t have it yet. So when I came tearing in to my house at 10:58, there was a message waiting for me. All that stress for nothing!

In my past life, this would have derailed my whole day. But not today. Today I had my life-changing notebook. I had written three to-dos for the day (one down already because it was grocery shopping), so I just pulled it out and started working. Here I now sit, and my table is feng-shui-ed, my kitchen is clean, my professional blogs are written (three business blogs I write for clients), my action items are complete, dinner is started, and I feel POWERFUL. Seriously, I think I could do just about anything. Is this how other people feel all the time? Is this how people feel who accomplish stuff on a regular basis? Sheesh – I really can’t conceive of what took me so long to get moving.

I think about all I’m accomplishing, and how exhausting it should be. But it’s not. I don’t feel wiped-out, I don’t feel overwhelmed. I used to be kind of manic about my approach to housework. I’d let it go for too long, then race around like a lunatic cleaning up, until at last I collapsed. Now, I do three things each day (one of which is chosen because it moves me toward my goals). When they are finished, I stop. I’m not exhausted, so I have what it takes to do it all again tomorrow. I have created a system – and I feel empowered.


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