Day 20 ~ The Life-Changing Notebook (I Hope)

Today was a day of getting small things done. My husband helped by sorting through some clothes. He opened a box of things we’d saved from our older daughter, and it was like Christmas for the little one. She was joyful and has already worn two outfits, which makes the whole process so worth it.

My dear husband also shredded the eighteen (or so) credit card offers we’ve received since Christmas from CitiBank. What is wrong with these people? I do not understand it – to me it is a shocking waste of time, money and paper. But since I don’t know how to remove these people (and others like them) from our lives, I’ll just be grateful we have a shredder.

And then I got my life-changing notebook. I was aiming for cute (not so much) but I think I hit inspirational. I know it’s going to take some time to completely alter the way I’ve been living. Even though I plan to carry this baby in my purse, I know for a while I will forget to use it and revert to old (and pathetic) habits, but I am convinced that over time I will learn to write every little thing that matters right here.


I started with my grocery lists. I don’t know what will eventually live within these pages, but for now this will be the one and only place I write things I need at the grocery store. To facilitate this, I first dug out all the lists currently hanging out in my purse. I must admit that it’s a little embarrassing that this was part of the collection of trash in the bottom of my bag. But, as sad as this is, I’m thankful it was only this many.


I then started a list in my new notebook. I don’t use many coupons because I can’t keep track of them, so I decided this was as good a place as any to attach coupons I know I will use (at least for now).  My intention is to carry this book with me always. It fits nicely in my bag, it has a stiff cover, and every time I see it I will be inspired to write notes and ideas. This is one step towards consolidating all the chaotic detritus of my life. I’m quite pleased with myself, I must say. Little steps, dear reader. Little steps.


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