Day 13 ~ My Feng Shui-ed Table

A while back I read the book Feng Shui for Dummies.  I told you before, dear reader, that I have read practically every organizing tip that is out there, and Feng Shui is supposed to organize your energy (or something), so I thought it couldn’t hurt to take a look. Well, I have no desire to offend anyone but I found the information mostly silly. I did, however, glean one thing from the book. It claimed (in Feng Shui terms) that having a clean table with all the chairs pushed in increased the peacefulness of a home. So I tried it, and it was actually true.

All this to say that I had two daily organizational goals this week aimed at decreasing the stress in my home. The first was to Feng Shui my table. It’s stunning all the things that land there. It’s where we eat, where both my daughters work, and where myriad things that need to be put down are, well, put down. The second was to keep my sink and ceramic stovetop clean. Well, I was supremely successful at Feng Shui-ing my table. Everyday, I cleaned it off and pushed the chairs in. If you look closely, you will see that is shows every moment of the sixty years it’s lived.


Keeping the sink and stove clean was a total failure. I had dishes in my sink every morning this week – until today. Yesterday I managed to thoroughly clean my kitchen, so I can start fresh this week.

Eventually, I hope to add keeping the floor clean to my daily goals. You’d be amazed at what ends up on my floor. Well… if you’ve been reading this for long maybe you wouldn’t be amazed at all. We get toys, clothes, coats, dishes (yes, dishes), shoes (so many shoes – you’d think twelve people lived here), miscellaneous pieces of paper and afghans. And little stuffed animals that one of our cats drags all over the house because she believes they’re kittens. And books. And… my goodness, I could probably go on forever. And my little one is like a tornado leaving destruction in her wake – an extremely sweet, loving and joyful tornado, and one who is gradually learning to pick up after herself.


My daughter has been here.

Someday, I will have forms and structures in place in my home that makes the running of it a smooth and happy process. I know I will because I am walking the path. The only way to fail is to quit. Every day is a small step closer. Today, I will drop the failure of my sink and stove into the wind, and let it blow away. Instead, I will choose to embrace my small success. Today, I will be happy with a Feng-Shui-ed table.


2 thoughts on “Day 13 ~ My Feng Shui-ed Table

  1. Phil Seifert says:

    LaRae: Through the wonders of modern technology I have discovered a way to follow the heart and life of the incredibly lovely woman I am privileged to call my daughter-in-law and to know how I can be praying for her daily. Thank you for being so open and so expressive. It is clear that Julianne’s creative writing gene comes from many sources – not just her great-grand-mother. I, too, am a disorganized perfectionist and it was a source of great frustration to Sue. I look forward to following you on your journey. I pray you feel God’s presence in your life and walk today.
    Phil S.

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