Day 10 ~ Redeem the Time (or Kill Someone)

Some days are better than others. Today was an “other.” It was an “other” from the moment I opened my eyes, and I can’t explain why.

I crawled out of bed at 6:45 (about a half-hour late), and felt myself dragging from the get-go.  I decided to forego the exercise portion of my day, which is okay because I’m trying to consistently do the program six days a week, and so I have the freedom to skip. But then I started thinking about my sister. Everywhere she goes, she carries a bag with her knitting and a couple of books. Seriously – she goes to the grocery store, she’s got her bag. She goes for coffee with a friend, she’s got her bag. Her reasoning is simple.  What if she gets a flat tire and has time to kill? What if her friend is late? Well, her hands will be busy. She calls it “redeeming the time.”

I need to work on redeeming the time in my own life. For me it translates like this: I may not be able to find ½ hour to clean the refrigerator, but I might have five minutes to do one shelf. I have to quit looking for big blocks of time to complete projects, and be happy with doing things piecemeal, appreciating the little blocks that drop like gifts into my lap. So this morning, when I didn’t think I had the 15-20 minutes to focus on breath, I chose to do some (if not all) and fill the time I had. (It actually made me feel so much better that I completed it.) Then I spent the day working on this one little piece. It’s by “redeeming the time” that I got my exercising in, the dishwasher emptied, my blogs written for my clients, and my project put together for our homeschool commonwealth tomorrow.


The previous paragraph makes it sound like the day turned around and ended up being great. Uh… no. Not true. It was an “other” all around. It included things like going to the doctor, chasing around town looking for a book my daughter needs for school (tomorrow!!), failing to get dinner started on time (that’s what take-out’s for, dear reader), and general stress and lethargy. At one point this afternoon, after my poor children had been in the car far too long, I went through a drive-thru to get them treats as a thank you. Waiting in line, I realized my own nerves were dangerously frayed and, given the right opportunity, I just might kill someone. Desiring to avoid violence if at all possible, I did the only sensible thing I could. I threw the program to the wind (temporarily) and had an ice cream. As I ate it, I felt my heart rate slow and my blood pressure decrease. Really – I’m not kidding, it had that effect. Violence was averted. And now I have the joy of knowing that soon this “other” will be a memory, and tomorrow I won’t need ice cream because tomorrow will be a “better.”


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