Day 8 ~ Better Late Than Never

I will start by saying I haven’t found my pom-pom maker. I haven’t really looked any more, so I guess what I mean is – it hasn’t dropped into my outstretched hand. However, I didn’t want to be derailed this early in the game, so I made one out of some stiff cardboard. You, dear reader, probably do not realize how huge this is, but – well, it is huge. I didn’t use this as an excuse to put the project back on the shelf. Instead, I went into problem-solver mode, and problem solving is something someone might once have said is “like me.”simplicity

And so I finished the scarf. After it sat on my needles, which in turn sat on my dresser, for two solid years, I finished the scarf in one weekend. Why did I leave it for so long? I’m not sure how to answer that. I don’t think a rational response exists. Why did I finish it? That one I can answer. I finished it because I chose to. I finished it because it is a step on this path and I’ve chosen to take the necessary steps each and every day. That is what life is, ultimately. It is choice – not just one choice but the summation of all the choices we make. The effect is cumulative. Little steps in the wrong direction result in a slow slide toward total dissatisfaction. But little steps in the right direction can (and I believe will) result in a changed life; a life lived, not just a life that spins around me, out of my control. And so this little scarf becomes the symbol of my choice. I choose to live my life.


The scarf - which took 2 years (and one weekend) to complete.


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