Day 2

This is the day I take stock. The truth is that disappointment and dissatisfaction arise when expectations don’t match one’s reality. If, for example, we expect to get straight A’s, and we get four A’s and a B, we are disappointed. If, on the other hand, we expect straight B’s and we get four A’s and a B, we’re thrilled. So it is with life.

There are so many facets of my life – my physical environment, my physical body, my spiritual life, my relationships, my finances, my mission. And within all this, I ask myself if I take enough time for me – for my personal growth, and do I manage my time well so as to do the best I can with what I’m given? The answer here is clearly not a resounding ‘yes’, because if it were, I wouldn’t be starting this journey. The distance between my expectations and my reality differ for the various parts of my life, but there is great importance in putting some sort of measure on that distance. I need to see clearly where I am going, and why I am doing this, so that when I feel overwhelmed on this path toward change, I can pull out this roadmap of where I’m headed, and use it as a motivation to keep going.

At this season in my life, the three areas where I desire most to see change are in home management, my personal health, and my mission. My personal environment depresses me. Everywhere I look, disorganization reigns, and I feel like I’m in a constant, losing battle with the clutter monster. As for my health – I simply don’t feel like I’m at 100%, and I haven’t since 2007 when I spent nine months receiving treatment for cancer. I get virtually no exercise at all and I realize that for my future life, that absolutely must change. And finally, in the area of mission, I want to start living more deliberately. God has placed me in this place, at this time, for a specific purpose. I desire to connect more fully with my mission, and live it out daily.

And so I have measured my life. I have come face to face with my shortcomings. And the epiphany I have had is this: I am not helpless. The power to change lies within me.


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